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2019年上半年,康明斯销售与服务北美公司(CSSNA188bet官网)员工举办了三次生还者换油(OCF)活动。Employees from branches in Missouri,Illinois,and Wisconsin worked with local domestic abuse shelters to host events at their respective sites,覆盖30多个家庭,每个社区每名员工登陆200多小时。

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Similar to other events hosted by 188bet官网Cummins Sales & Service,the three locations had technicians focused on providing oil changes,but also provided other basic maintenance services and advice when appropriate.

A staff member from Sarah's Inn,the Hodgkins Illinois branch 金宝搏官方partner,事件发生后注意到,“我们非常感谢合作伙伴关系,非常感谢我们的客户能够参与。金宝搏官方汽车工作是最难找到的捐赠之一,周六的换油活动令人惊叹!”

When asked what the OCFS event meant to them,一个参与者共享,"Honestly,I know these simple oil changes are very important.But,我已经很久没有得到一个了。I've had to try to just fill oil as needed and hope for the best.所以,for me,I'm very grateful.I never expected to be where I am today.Ten years of domestic violence and five children later,我是个单身母亲,经济状况一直是个挑战。”

另一位与会者指出,"As a single mom of two girls,it warms my heart to know someone cares about our wellbeing and safe travels."


Lauren Cole

劳伦是康明斯公司的全球雇主品牌数字通信专家,188bet官网她专注于社交媒体,雇主品牌,and digital media.Lauren joined the company in early 2017 and has a Bachelor of Science in Marketing from Indiana University.She currently resides in Columbus,IN.

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