GRIP Idle Management System

Engine idling and Canada's varying climates can have a harsh effect on diesel equipment, and can make fleet management even more challenging. Cummins has partnered with GRIP Idle Management Inc. to promote an integrated ignition idle management system that can prevent expensive exhaust component failures, while significantly decreasing fuel costs in both diesel and gasoline engines.


  • Reduce Fuel Consumption – Directly reduce fuel costs by eliminating unnecessary engine idle – without interruption to accessory power.
  • Maintenance Cost Savings – Significantly reduce maintenance and failure costs: DPF replacements and more.
  • Fewer Regenerations – Decrease the soot and ash entering your aftertreatment at low RPMs.
  • Central Monitoring Capability – Access a daily online report of your fleet’s savings and improvements, including eliminated engine wear hours, idling, fuel consumption and operator usage.


An intelligent in-cab display lets each fleet customize their ignition’s start/stop schedule to:

  • Power auxiliary equipment, either using the engine, or a Cummins deep-cycling battery.
  • Keep the vehicle and engine warm, either using the engine, or a Webasto heater.
  • Maintain battery charge.
  • Cycle on the air conditioning for operator comfort, humidity control, using the GRIP kit’s idle scheduling feature.

A Cummins technician installs the GRIP kit through the vehicle auxiliary port in the dash. A parallel relay will ensure your ignition is safely independent of our product.

As part of our program, Cummins will calculate a payback period for your fleet, expected to be 6-12 months. You'll also benefit from a 5 year components warranty, facilitated by Cummins.

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