Cummins In Action: Mining Case Studies

矿业is a risky business. And that's why at Cummins, our global customers' satisfaction and partnership always remains a top priority.



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在一些最极端的环境中在planet, mining operations are constantly moving without a break. No matter what, the operation must keep moving every hour of every day. In the mining world, downtime due to any single piece of equipment can result in the loss of tens of thousands of dollars. There are two keys to a successful mine site operation; equipment availability and productivity. To achieve optimal performance in both categories, miners need partners that work just as hard as they do.
2018年2月,西北科罗拉多州的煤矿购买了利勃海尔R 9400挖掘机,用于其采矿操作。在本网站上出土的煤炭直接送到相邻的885兆瓦燃煤电站。极端环境中的矿山位点需要可靠的发动机为他们的采矿应用来供电,这就是为什么这个矿井呼吁康明斯为他们的利勃海尔R 9400挖掘机供电。188bet官网
Anglo American mines everything from iron ore to copper, platinum and diamonds across three continents. The one thing they share is a total commitment to using Cummins engines in virtually all their equipment from haul trucks to electrical generators. In this video featuring their Brazilian site, Cummins and local distributor DCML match Anglo American’s commitment with unparalleled support, generating opportunities to reduce costs and increase efficiency. See how the 100% commitment between all three partners reduces variability, lowers costs and increases efficiency.
When Rio Tinto looked to improve life-to-overhaul of the Cummins QSK60 engine powering its Komatsu WA1200-6 loaders, oil filtration efficiency emerged as the key. Rio Tinto has nine 220-tonne, 1892 hp WA1200-6 loaders operating in its vast iron ore operations in the Pilbara, Western Australia, where production reached 330 million tonnes from 16 mines in 2017.


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