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我们的专业知识专注于提供解决您 - 和客户 - 最大挑战的全球移动电源解决方案。


Feel the Power of "Whenever, Wherever" Mobile Power Solutions

Whether the job requires prime, backup or standby/peaking power, Cummins has earned a global reputation for mobile power systems and services that meet any short- or long-term need. For good reason: we understand the mobile power business and can deliver whatever you need, wherever you need it, around the world.

Tier 4 Answers




What’s the difference between Tier 4i-certified versus compliant? Do I need a Tier 4i- or Tier 4-certified or 4-capable generator set? What are the acceptable run times for emergency versus non-emergency use? How can I meet the stricter requirements of local restrictions and non-attainment zones, and how does this differ from national emissions standards?


We work closely with the EPA to fully understand every subsequent change to their regulations as they implement ever cleaner air standards. Cummins was the first manufacturer to introduce EPA Tier 2 and Tier 3 generators to the market, well ahead of the regulatory deadline. Our commitment to providing you with total operational flexibility in how you choose to use generator power is what drives us to stay ahead of the game.

我们是第一个提供全系列的第4I级认证的发电机构的制造商,当EPA于2014年1月开始发行证书时,第一个接收Tier 4F认证的制造商。

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