Truck Equipment Manufacturers and Body Builders

Cummins and our Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) customers have a mutual interest in delivering the highest-quality products.

Installation Quality Audits (IQA) are intended to ensure that end user customers have rewarding experiences with their vehicles.

188bet官网Cummins Inc提供了使用康明斯电源来驱动设备的TEM和Body Builder公司的特定支持,这些公司直接从发动机或通过替代方法如传输。

Support services offered by Cummins Inc.

  • Technical support for mechanical and electronic integration of Cummins engines.
  • 帮助适当的发动机电子功能配置
  • 提供对成功整合康明斯发动机所必需的康188bet官网明斯技术文件
  • Interface to Electronic Engine Speed Controller suppliers and truck OEMs regarding integration issues
  • 下载软件更新,查看常见问题QS和故障排除,通过我们获取许可支持等数字工具页面

188bet官网康明斯发动机支持Repto,Fepto,分开轴PTO,以及6个螺栓和8个螺栓PTO器件。Note that specific support may be dependent on the engine model, rating, truck model and the selected driveline


  • REPTO/FEPTO – Refuse Trucks, Cement Mixers, Cranes, and Sewer Cleaners
  • Split Shaft PTO – Emergency Vehicles, Hydro Excavators, Sewer Cleaners, Concrete Pumpers, Oil and Gas Service Rigs, and Drilling Rigs
  • 6/8螺栓 - 油漆钻头,油轮,丙烷罐车,水油轮,滚筒和自卸车


  • 标准驾驶室PTO控制 - 使用OEM提供驾驶室巡航/ PTO开关以控制发动机速度
  • 远程站PTO控制 - 使用PTO的直接接线打开/关闭,并将/简历设置回康明斯ECM。188bet官网该方法允许驾驶室PTO切换以保持通过卡车复用
  • 远程PTO控制 - 使用一个开关的直线或多路复用将发动机速度设置为五种预设发动机速度之一
  • 远程加速器 - 使用电位器设置(硬连线或多路复用)选择欲望引擎速度
  • TSC1 Control – Utilizes SAE J1939 PGN 0 (TSC1) in order to operate the engine at a particular speed or torque or to enforce a speed or torque limit
  • 传输驱动的PTO - 用于分割轴PTO钻机允许选择定制调整器调整特定应用。在分开轴模式下,还禁用车速表。
  • Fire Pressure Governor – For emergency vehicles

Body Builder FAQ

Which vehicle datalink circuit should I connect to in order to send commands to the engine?

If the diagnostic connector is Gray and has 6 pins please fill out the form at the Contact Us link below.

如果诊断连接器是黑色的,并且有9个引脚使用主SAE J1939车辆数据链接,如果诊断连接器是绿色的,则在诊断连接器中连接到诊断连接器中的引脚C&D,并具有9个引脚,这取决于OEM和模型。

  • Navistar – 500 K Baud datalink on Pins C & D
  • Volvo/Mack – 250 K Baud datalink on Pins H & J
  • Autocar – 500 K Baud datalink on Pins C & D
  • Kenworth/Peterbilt – Legacy Chassis (ie KW T800, Pete 367 – 250 K Baud VCAN datalink which is found on Pins F & G
  • Kenworth / Peterbilt - 新一代底盘(即KW T880,PITS 567 - 500 K Baud VCan2 Datalink在引脚C&D
  • All other OEMs – Most others use 500 K Baud on Pins C & D. If not sure click on the Contact Us link below.

Yes – Maximum available torque varies by engine model and rating. Please click on the link for Heavy Duty Truck or Medium Duty Truck to find details on various Cummins engines. Available torque and power by speed is listed along with Clutch Engagement Torque (That is torque available at idle speed).

Does Cummins support hardwired and/or multiplexed PTO switches?

188bet官网康明斯支持复用驾驶室P​​TO和远程PTO开关。188bet官网康明斯支持硬连线驾驶室PTO,远程站PTO和远程PTO开关。远程站PTO具有与驾驶室PTO开关相同的功能,但允许从“远程站”的硬连线开关,同时也允许驾驶室PTO切换到复用。远程PTO也可以复用。如果您希望通过更改SAE J1939多路复用的源地址,可以将多路复用的驾驶室PTO切换从远程源切换到PTO开/关和PTO将恢复到设备的源地址。



Does Cummins engines support J1939 TSC1 control?

All Cummins on highway engines support J1939 TSC1 control for Engine Speed Request, Torque Request, Torque Limit and Engine Speed Limit.


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