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Cummins new and improved Coach Care™ now offers complete chassis and major systems service to provide trusted RV service near you.

Plus, while all North America service facilities can repair your Cummins engine and generator, we’ve partnered with Spartan at more than 60 locations and Tiffin at select locations to offer chassis service to get you back on the road again.

Huge savings at every U.S. Coach Care™ location

夏季即将来临,我们的美国Coach Care™位置在这里确保您的RV已准备好滚动。在底盘,发动机和发电机维护和油的变化上节省大。我们的认证技术人员将确保您的RV准备好充满冒险的夏天。

64 - Point Chassis Inspection Checklist
$ 329美元

Includes Inspection of:

  • 在身体下
  • 发动机舱
  • Fluid Levels
  • Tires
  • Air System
  • Fuel System
  • Brakes
  • 外部照明和报警

$ 1,250美元


  • 21-Point Chassis
  • 检查清单
  • ISL发动机油变化
  • 发电机油变化
  • Filters and Fluids Included


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Coach Care™ Power

Coach Care™ Complete
Factory and chassis-certified technicians servicing: All the RV and motorhome engine, generator and chassis service of Coach Care Power, PLUS Major appliances + Heating and cooling systems + Electrical systems + Plumbing systems + LP system


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Any one of our 170 service locations across North America can provide service and warranty for your Cummins engine, generator and aftertreatment systems.


We’re adding more locations to serve you better, and modifying our service offerings to suit our customer’s needs. We’ve divided our service centers into two categories - Coach Care Power and Coach Care Complete.

  • 188bet官网康明斯引擎和发电机组保修,服务和维护
  • 斯巴达底盘和Tiffin机箱的保修,服务和维护(选择地点)

  • 188bet官网康明斯引擎和发电机组保修,服务和维护
  • 斯巴达底盘和Tiffin机箱的保修,服务和维护(选择地点)
  • 服务and repair for mechanical RV items, including AC/DC systems, appliances, heating and A/C

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