The Cummins Advantage for Fire Pump Drive Engines


Through improved training and quality, we continually update our models until they meet our ever-rising standards of performance. Many of our fire pump drive engines are Underwriters Laboratories (UL)-listed and Factory Mutual (FM)-approved (consult the Specification Sheet or contact the factory for more details). All Cummins fire pump drive engines have been manufactured under the controls established by a Bureau Veritas Certification approved management system that conforms with ISO 9001:2015.


FirePowerCumminsVSPLCDatasheetGraph-500px.jpgVariable Speed Pressure Limiting Control

想要保持恒定的输出压力水平吗?我们的发动机能够通过监测压力传感器并改变发动机速度来保持恒定的流出 - 一直到1470 rpm,甚至在CFP23E上。VSPLC防止较昂贵的泵排放阀,而不是昂贵的泵排放阀,以及破坏管道的风险,防止了过度修复您的系统

Variable Speed Pressure Limiting Control (VSPLC) Specification Sheet

fpdp-150px.jpg.救火栓Digital Panel (FPDP) Touchpad

我们FPDP是一个集成的微处理器控制ystem providing full digital technology with improved accuracy and built-in redundancy. Password protection and Modbus® interfacing allows added security, while input/output expansion capability adds further flexibility. The control system touchpad is designed for reliable operation in harsh environments, and provides a longer life and more durability.


FirePowerCumminsDigitalPanelExpansion-150px.jpgDigital Panel Expansion Module (DPEM)

The amount of information provided by your engine can be overwhelming. Designed with the consumer in mind, our DPEM provides the opportunity for sixteen unique, customizable alarm outputs. Whether you want to be alerted about low oil or differential fuel filter pressures, or when the vibration switches are triggered, this expansion adds these options to any model.

Digital Panel Expansion Module (DPEM) Specification Sheet



Modbus®软件扩展Protonode Specification Sheet


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